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This website is hands down one of the best auction websites we have ever been to. AuctionResource is definitely user friendly and the offerings are well laid out.


The listings they provide you are varied, ranging from late model cars and real estate to personal property that have either been repossessed due to non payment by the original owner, or are available because the government has decided to sell off the items. They also offer listings to non government agencies that offer personal property as well such as jewelry, household items and government surplus. One thing that AuctionResource offers that we have not found on other similar sites is a huge list of REO listings (bank owned properties).


Honestly when I stumbled across this site I thought “too good to be true” but the reality is, it is as good as it says. It is hands down the best auction listing site that I have ever come across.



What Comes With an Membership? 

When I decided to join, my main goal was to find good deals on vehicles and real estate. The amount of vehicles and bank own property surpassed my expectations. The amount of listings they have is very impressive. Not only do they offer a ton of listings on these items, I was also able to find good deals on personal property as well. 

Free Bonuses

Another reason I wanted to join was to get the free bonuses. The ones that are listed on the sales page are “Winning the Auction Game", "Penny Auction Secrets" and "Real Estate Domination", all of which are great reads and well worth the price of the membership alone. I was also surprised that they have other free guides in the membership area which are “Auto Buying Secrets”, “Storage Auction Gold”, “Craigslist Riches” and “Ebay Secrets”. If you’re someone who is interested in any of these topics, you definitely can’t go wrong joining this site. 

Customer Feedback Section

Another thing I like about the members area is the ‘customer feedback’ sections, where people talk about the deals they’re finding. While I’m sure a lot of people don’t talk about the deals they have bought, it’s still nice to hear about others having success. 

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