Reviews – Is Nomorerack a Legit Site or a Scam? Reviews – Is Nomorerack a Legit Site or a Scam? is a new marketplace that offers great deals on house ware, bedding, apparel and a slew of other items. They hold flash sales and have a rotating inventory. Their items are deeply discounted and you can get some great deals. While I think there are some good deals to be had at this site, most people still prefer using a service like for finding good deals online

There are a couple of drawbacks. Shipping takes up to 6 weeks. That does seem a bit excessive and kind of raises red flags because in this day and age what could take 6 weeks to be delivered and why would it take 6 weeks to be delivered?

The Reviews

Frankly I thought the stuff that was being offered when I visited was pretty decent offerings. I am a luxury kind of person and I like the creature comforts like good sheets and bath towels, down duvets just stuff that feels good to use. had it all. Egyptian cotton sheets for $30 dollars, hotel quality pillows and duvets for $20 and $200 dollars respectively. I was sucked right in. I came this close to ordering the sheets. I decided to see if anyone was complaining about the site.

Well according to what I found I did not buy the sheets. For a site that is still in its infancy there are a lot of angry consumers out there.  There were a lot of complaints an extraordinary amount about the quality of the merchandise they received. There were a lot of complaints about the time it took to get the merchandise as well.

Sadly it seems that while you do get something from the site that resembles what you order the quality does not to be there.  I can not wrap my brain around the 6 week turn around either to get your items delivered. You could hand make sheets in 6 weeks and likely weave the material as well. Reviews - The Site

I loved browsing the site they have such great stuff tucked away in the pages but is it just a hoax was all I could think after doing a little bit of research and finding all the nasty comments. If something looks good on paper but it does not show up in the same looking good shape what is the point?

It was easy to navigate. The pictures were great.


They do seem to be experiencing some satisfaction issues. There are a lot of people that have purchased from this site that did not get what was promised for that reason alone I would recommend waiting a little while before shopping here to see if they will get their act together. Maybe things will improve with time.

However, the reviews show that this is a legit site and not a scam, however most people still prefer using a service like for finding good deals online.



 Reviews – Is Nomorerack a Legit Site or a Scam?