Dealdash Reviews – Anyone Know If is a Scam?

Dealdash Reviews – Anyone Know If is a Scam?

The Dealdash reviews show that this is a penny auction site that offers some great deals. While most penny auction sites offer bid packs that get cheaper as you buy in bulk Dealdash is one of the few that regularly reduces the cost of their bids without having to buy huge packs to get the benefit of the savings. While there are deals to be had at just about any legit penny auction site, most people prefer using a more well known service like for finding good deals online.


Dealdash's current promotion is that you can purchase bids for twenty cents each! This is much lower than other penny auction sites. If you have never participated in a penny auction than you may not know that to participate you have to purchase your bids up front.

You purchase the bids at X amount of money and than they are each valued at one cent during the auction. So paying as little as possible for the bids is the way to go to save some money.  The less you pay the less you lose!


Dealdash offers these special promotions several times a month. The lowest I have seen the bids were at 12 cents per bid during the Christmas holiday.

Dealdash Reviews - Other Programs

Dealdash offers programs that can help you to get your lost bids back. Many of the penny auction sites do offer programs that can help you to get your bids back. Dealdash offers a buy it now option which allows you to use your lost bids to apply to purchasing an item outright below retail value. Reviews - The Merchandise offer a full range of merchandise to bid on from the standard bid packs (which you find at all penny auction sites) to high end electronics. Many penny auction sites are not well equipped to provide a lot of decent merchandise that people want to bid on but Dealdash does a okay in that department.

There are plenty of high end options to bid on which makes the bidding so much more exciting because the wins are so much bigger!

The Site is a pretty self explanatory website to use. There are tutorials that are available that explain every step of the process which helps the novice get a feel for what they can do to increase their chances of winning.

The FAQ page is comprehensive and addressed most of the questions that I thought of and that I thought that someone new to the penny auction scene may want answers to.

This is a great penny auction site that is perfect for anyone that wants to get in on some low cost “entertainment shopping”.  The ability to score those bids for a few cents and a lot less than the industry standard means that even the most jaded penny auction attendee has a reason to kick up their heels.

There are no real negative reviews but there are a  few sore losers out there that are complaining because they did not win.

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Overall, the Dealdash reviews show this to be a legit site and not a scam with not too many complaints, however most people still prefer using a service like for finding great deals online.
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