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  • provides consumers a place to discuss their experiences and opinions about auction websites, products and customer complaints.
  • Reviews. Does anyone know if is a legit website or is it a scam? The property on this site is all sold as is where is. This means there is no warranty. In most cases you can not enter the property you can do a drive by and see the outside but there is no viewing time. Keeping that in mind should give you an idea about the state of the property.
  • Reviews. Is Beezid a legit website or is it a total scam? charges about sixty cents per bid although if you buy the larger bid packs you can save a few cents. Beezid offers free bids for signing up.
  • Quibids Review. Anyone know if is a legit website or is it a scam? charges sixty cents per bid, which is right about the median cost compared to other penny auction sites. This is a fairly popular site likely because of the regional advertising they did on TV and other media.
  • Reviews. Reviews – Is Nomorerack a Legit Site or a Scam? is a new marketplace that offers great deals on house ware, bedding, apparel and a slew of other items. They hold flash sales and have a rotating inventory.
  • Bid4assets Reviews. Does anyone have any complaints about the site Is it legit or a scam? While the website does a good job of telling bidders at every auction that they are assuming all risks associated with purchasing the property it can be easy to get caught up in all the excitement.
  • Dealdash Reviews. Is Dealdash a legit website or a scam? Anyone know of any complaints about While most penny auction sites offer bid packs that get cheaper as you buy in bulk Dealdash is one of the few that regularly reduces the cost of their bids without having to buy huge packs to get the benefit of the savings.
  • Reviews. Anyone know if Policeauctions is legit or is it a scam? Anyone have any major complaints about
  • Review. Is a legit site or is it a scam? Any complaints about
  • Propertyroom Review. Anyone have any complaints about Is a legit website or is it a scam? It was actually started by a couple of police officers that were offering a way for municipal groups to auction off their surplus.
  • Review. Is Happybidday legit or a scam? offers new members a slew of opportunities. The bid cost ranges from forty cents up to sixty cents but when you sign up you get 20 free bids! That is super generous in the penny auction market.
  • At, our goal is simple. Provide the truth about what people are saying about some of the most popular auction sites on the market today. Real customer reviews are a great source for online shoppers to learn about what is legit and what is just a scam. Join the community today and leave your opinion.
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